History of Mission Group

Mission was established in 2007 following the successful sale of Pure Recycling Ltd to Kier Group Plc. However our roots have been involved in the resources sector since 1992. One of the earlier commercial ventures was making specialist animal bedding from newspapers. This company grew into one of the largest suppliers of bedding in the UK. WCR Ltd was established in 1998 to offer recycled paper collection contracts to local authorities, which was one of the first kerbside collection services in the country. By 2002 WCR was collecting from over 170,000 households and was the first commercial company to obtain recycling credits. This involved various meetings and lobbying of government members.

Also in 2002 a ground breaking opportunity arose, working in partnership with Herefordshire County Council and Social Services a recycling scheme was established and grew into a unique venture of social enterprise which resulted in a Beacon Fellowship status award for one of the founding members.

In 2002 WCR Vehicle Hire was established and quickly became one of the largest suppliers of specialist refuse and recycling vehicles to local authorities.

The fleet grew to approximately 170 vehicles and the company had an enviable reputation as a quality provider, which garnered a lot of interest in the industry. In 2006 an approach was made by PFB Ltd to acquire WCR Vehicle Hire Ltd to increase their portfolio. By the end of 2006 the sale of the business was completed and new commercial opportunities were sought.

Pure Recycling was the new venture, its aim, to build a state of the art, automated Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Warwickshire. In 2007 the land was acquired to build this new facility. The new MRF, one of the newest in the country could process 25 tonnes of mixed dry recyclable material per hour and has a capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum.

The Pure Recycling business was sold to Kier Group PLC in 2010 in a multi million pound acquisition, the first by Kier into the environmental arena.

Mission was born during the sale process to build on the already established business that existed and to expand into new fields of resource management and investment into emerging technologies.