Mission Projects

Pure MRF

The Mission management team successfully delivered the Pure Recycling MRF near Warwick. From conception, planning, licensing, design and implementation the project had many challenges that needed to be overcome to establish one of the most advanced recycling facilities in the UK.

The design of the plant was one of the first ground up projects to be undertaken. The outline specification was a 25 tonnes per hour processing capacity that would give the plant an overall annual capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum.

Main construction started in January 2010 and the plant was commissioned in February 2011 to industry acclaim.

The plant can process dry, fully comingled recyclable material including:

•  Newspaper and magazines
•  Mixed papers
•  Brown cardboard
•  Grey cardboard
•  Plastic bottles
•  Pots punnets trays and tubs
•  Steel cans
•  Aluminium cans
•  Glass bottles and containers

The fully automated facility uses the latest in sorting technology to effectively sort the mixed material into clean marketable commodities. The technology employed on the plant includes specialised paper screens, glass breakers, optical sorting technology for paper and plastics, and magnets and eddy current separators.