Race Series

Nik and Matt will race across 2 different championships, Nik will be campaigning the awe inspiring Jaguar E Type racecar, one of the most iconic vehicles ever built and the nimble and fast MGB, whilst Matt continues his journey up the acclaimed Caterham motorsport ladder after his initial year in the Caterham Academy.

The Masters

Gentlemen Drivers GT & Sports cars to Appendix K the elegant era of the 1960s GT cars, encompassing the great icons from Aston Martin, Ferrari, AC Cobra, Chevrolet, Austin and Jaguar, pit their wits against the small and nimble pre 1963 racers such as Lotus and MG.

To be eligible cars must be of a type that competed in the World Endurance Championship in period, and once on track, drivers are rewarded with some of the great endurance racing at prestigious circuits across Europe.

Gentlemen Drivers is always run on Dunlop L section treaded tyres, over a number of classes in a two driver, pit stop race format.


The HSCC was established in 1966 for classic cars to race each other. Now one of the largest Historic racing clubs in the UK the HSCC has many classes including the E Type Challenge and the 60s Roadsport category.

Caterham Roadsport Championship

Originally introduced as Roadsport-B in 2002, the Roadsport championship is the next rung up the ladder from the introductory season in the Caterham Academy. This championship is so popular that entry is limited solely to just the previous year’s Academy drivers and in some cases ‘invited’ novice drivers. This ensures that the level playing field the drivers enjoyed in the Academy are continued for another year, and any rivalries for racing glory can continue for another season! The other advantage of the Roadsport Championship is that it utilises the same car driven in the Academy, albeit with some minor upgrades to extract some additional performance from the car to complement the driver's developing skills.